A House for a Plot by HelgessonGonzaga


A House for a Plot is a modern house by HelgessonGonzaga that works as a solid backdrop to a family of five in Skövde.

Architect: HelgessonGonzaga
Location: Skövde, Sweden
Architect in charge: Isabell Gonzaga, Andreas Helgesson Gonzaga
Area: 172 sqm
Year: 2016
Photographs: Mikael Olsson

Project’s description: A flow is created through the house, walking down the stair in the morning, a glimpse of the garden and the weather outside, a choise of taking the door leading to the back garden in the east, with the morning sun. These connections continues through out the house, acts of movements, a glance of the sky, and a trace of cooking aroma travelling to the mezzanine.

The square plan is divided in closed and open spaces, and vertical openings in two diagonal corners. Closed parts containing private rooms, storage, laundry and bath room, open parts will be used for dining, playing and hanging out. Tactile, natural materails in birch, pine and terrazzo will dominate the open space, accompained by the colourful painted walls of the closed spaces, and kitchen/wardrobe islands.

Tags: #contemporary #modern house

A House for a Plot by HelgessonGonzaga

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