Beer Can Hoarding Nightmare: How Did This Become The Week’s Most Popular Home?


We’ve seen our fair share of nightmare fixer-uppers make their way onto our weekly look at the most-clicked homes on �. Most often, it’s a historic home in need of help or a run-down relic where a glimmer of hope may exist. But it’s hard to see a plan to remake this week’s most popular home unless you’re really awesome at recycling.

That’s because the interior of this Texas home, being sold as is, is covered in cans. Beer cans, to be specific. Natural Light, if you must know. The home is covered by a blanket of empties and cases that looks to be a few feet thick in some spots. And you’ll have to avoid the cobwebs that resemble something Tarzan might swing from.

Which is to say this $90,000 opportunity isn’t for the faint of heart. But if cleanups are your thing, find the closest recycling center to Sanger, TX, and have at it. You might pull off a flip worth toasting to—just skip the Natty Light.

Other than the beer-soaked shocker in the top spot, you also clicked on a Mid-Century masterpiece on Lake Michigan, an art installation in Connecticut, and a Michigan mansion with a massive boathouse and space for 30 seaworthy vessels.

We’ll ask you to drop the anchor and take a full look at the most popular properties this week.

10. 215 William St, Racine, WI

Price: $249,900
Why it’s here: Mid-Century Modern in the Midwest! Whenever one of these affordable gems in an unexpected place pops onto the market, it inevitably attracts interest. This classic example is in impeccable shape, and it sits right on Lake Michigan, which means plenty of gorgeous water views from the home’s many windows.

Racine, WI


9. 125 Belvedere Ave, Charlevoix, MI

Price: $6,890,000
Why it’s here: Far from a new listing, this luxury home in the far northern reaches of Michigan has bounced on and off the market since 2010. We have no clue why it raced up the chart this week, but we’re happy it floated our way. Featuring an enormous boathouse that can accommodate up to 30 vessels, this home is a true nautical nirvana.

Charlevoix, MI


8. Undisclosed address, Festus, MO

Price: $349,900
Why it’s here: The cave home won’t vanish. We love seeing the constant interest in this underground hit. In fact, we love this place so much, we made a video about it.

Festus, MO


7. 3417 Country Club Rd, Pantego, TX

Price: $259,900
Why it’s here: Listing agent Teresa Roten told us this five-bedroom home is in a popular area and it’s priced competitively. According to Roten, it’s been renovated over the past few months, leaving no surface untouched.

Pantego, TX


6. 24 Brentwood Dr, Avon, CT

Price: $339,900
Why it’s here: It’s a work of art. Truly. The five-bedroom home has been transformed into a large-scale installation by its owners, Nikolay and Tatiyana Synkov. Inspired by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky, their labor of love has resulted in an unrivaled residence.

Avon, CT


5. Undisclosed address, Newcastle, OK

Price: $599,000
Why it’s here: Last week’s winner fell four slots. Despite the drop, we’re still in love with this converted workshop near Oklahoma City.

Newcastle, OK


4. 9 Gena Ave, Derry, NH

Price: $219,900
Why it’s here: On the market since May, this lake home’s price was cut again this week. Built in 2014, the three-bedroom shows no signs of wear or tear and looks like a great option in the Granite State.

Derry, NH


3. 2354 County Road 59, Manvel, TX

Price: $3,600,000
Why it’s here: The country’s biggest fixer-upper won’t relinquish its spot among our most popular homes. We can’t wait to see what becomes of this half-built behemoth.

Manvel, TX


2. 5110 Courville Ave, Toledo, OH

Price: $775,000
Why it’s here: Top of the market in Toledo. This spread on almost 2 acres comes with an eight-car garage and is one of the most expensive listings in the city.

Toledo, OH


1. 108 Freese Dr, Sanger, TX

Price: $89,900
Why it’s here: Lots and lots of Natty Light. Whoever owned this home, which is now being sold as is, was an aficionado of cheap light beer. Empties litter the halls and rooms of the three-bedroom home, now a monument to the distinctive taste of cheap suds.

The link circulated across the Web this week, as folks marveled at the sad condition of the home. The listing wound up with six times as many views as our runner-up.

The current median list price for homes in Sanger—which is just north of Dallas—sits at $232,000. The current ask makes this fixer-upper a prime target for a contractor with a strong constitution for cleanup and an appetite for a quick flip. Bonus! A savvy buyer will be able to offset part of the purchase price by recycling all those aluminum cans.

Sanger, TX

Beer Can Hoarding Nightmare: How Did This Become The Week’s Most Popular Home?

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